African Aloe Plant – Aloe Saponaria

6" African aloe plant, shipped bare root.

Other common names:Soap Aloe
Size (HXW): 1 Ft X 2 Ft
USDA Hardiness zones: 8b - 11
Sun requirement: Full sun to part shade
Water requirement: Low water
Plant description: The soap aloe is a mounding, colorful aloe. It doesn't get very tall but it quickly spawns many pups nearby. These pups can be carefully removed and replanted easily in another location. Hardy to around 28 degrees F.
Bloom period: Spring to early summer, reddish to orange flowers.
Planting and growing information: Aloe will do well in just about any soil condition provided it is well-draining. It does not do well with overly-moist soil or in standing water. Spent flower stalks can be removed any time, however keep living flower stalks until they dry up, cutting live flowers off invites infection.

do not confuse with the medicinal A. barbadensis - the sap of A. saponaira is an irritant
Please note that we can only ship live plants within the USA.


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