Saguaro Seeds – Carnegia Gigantica

20 Saguaro Seeds $2.99

Size (HXW): 60 Ft X 18 Ft (mature specimen)

USDA Hardiness zones: 8a-11, also does well as a small, potted houseplant.

Sun requirement: Full sun.

Water requirement: No supplemental water needed. DO NOT put this plant on a drip system, it will rapidly die.

Plant description: Native only to the Sonoran desert of Arizona and Mexico. This is a very slow-growing cactus. Saguaro cactus can live for 200 years. The flower of the saguaro is the state flower of Arizona. Dried saguaro seeds can be used like poppy seeds in cooking.

Similar suggested plants: Organ pipe cactus

Bloom period: Late spring, creamy white flowers. Attracts bees. Cherry-red fruits shortly afterward.

Planting and growing information: Plant on a south-facing slope, water very little. Saguaros do best when left alone without supplemental water. When growing from seed, plant 1/8th inch from surface in gritty, well-draining soil. Mist only, do not water.

The best thing you can do for a healthy saguaro is leave it alone. Do not attach it to your drip system, it does not need regular watering. Too much water will kill the plant. Do not fertilize. Do not plant near grass where water runoff will ruin the saguaro. Be very careful digging around the saguaro, they have wide but shallow roots. Weed killer will also kill the saguaro so do not spray near it.


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