Red Yucca Seeds – Hesperaloe parviflora

Packet of 20 red yucca (hesperaloe parviflora) seeds from Arizona.

Other common names:Red False Yucca, Red-flowered Yucca
Size (HXW): 3 Ft X 6 Ft
USDA Hardiness zones: 7-10
Sun requirement: Full sun.
Water requirement: Low water once established.
Plant description: A reliable desert plant with short, thin leaves that crown together in a tight rosette. The plant spreads quickly to form large, dense clumps. Attracts hummingbirds. Tall arching blooms form with gorgeous coral flowers that open up and down the stalk for months. It is hard to 0 degrees F.
Bloom period: April to September
Planting and growing information: Plant in well-draining soil. Does not need supplemental fertilizer. Remove spent blooms anytime.
Seeds will ship with planting information.


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