California Fan Palm Seeds – Washingtonia filifera

10 Washington Fan Palm Seeds $2.99

Plant description: California fan palms are large, grandiose plants with a hearty crown and a smooth, grey trunk. They grow everywhere in the deserts of California, Arizona and Nevada. They are often considered the 'weed' of the palm family due to their abundance and ease of growth under desert conditions. Minimal care is required. Washingtonia filifera is hearty to 20 degrees F. The California fan palm has a decent resistance to salt. There are no issues with surface roots.

Other common names: Desert fan palm, American cotton palm

Size (HXW): 60Ft X 25Ft

Hardiness zones: 8a - 11

Sun requirement: Full sun

Water requirement: Drought tolerant once established. Water new plants regularly during the hotter months.

Bloom period: Summer. Flowers are cream colored.

Planting and growing information: Plant when the soil is warm in full sun. Propagation from seeds is so easy oftentimes small palms will grow like weeds under the mature plant.



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