Palo Brea Seeds – Parkinsonia praecox

Packet of 15 palo brea (Parkinsonia praecox) seeds from Arizona.

Size (HXW): 25 Ft X 25 Ft

USDA Hardiness zones: 9, 10

Sun requirement: Full sun

Water requirement: drought tolerant once established

Plant description: The palo brea tree is a stunning green-trunked specimen great as an ornamental tree. When planted in groups it can create a serene, park-like setting.

Bloom period: late spring through early summer, yellow blooms

Planting and growing information: Plant in well-draining soil. Growth is moderate with various twisting branches. If growing from seed, be sure to keep the soil fairly moist the first 6 months of the seedling's growth or development will fail.

Planting instructions are included with your seeds!


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