Foothills Palo Verde Seeds – Cercidium microphyllum

10 Foothills Palo Verde Seeds $2.99

Plant description: The foothills palo verde is a slower-growing shrub or tree that's native to the Southwest and parts of Northern Mexico. It has a very unusual green bark, which is full of chlorophyll. This allows the tree to focus its energy in the trunk, rather than via large, water-needing leaves. As a result the leaves are quite small, hence the name 'littleleaf'.

Other common names: yellow palo verde, littleleaf palo verde

Size (HXW): 20 Ft X 20 Ft

USDA Hardiness zones: 9, 10

Sun requirement: Full sun

Water requirement: drought tolerant once established

Bloom period: spring through early summer

Planting and growing information: Plant in well-draining soil. Glows fairly slow with various twisting branches. If growing from seed, be sure to keep the soil fairly moist the first 6 months of the seedling's growth or development will fail.


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