Desert Willow Seeds – Chilopsis linearis

Packet of 20 desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) seeds from Arizona.

Other common names: flowering willow, willow-leaved catalpa, trumpet flower

Size (HXW): 20 Ft X 20 Ft

USDA Hardiness zones: 7-9

Sun requirement: Full sun or part shade

Water requirement: Drought tolerant once established. Young trees should be watered every 5 to 8 days.

Plant description: The desert willow is a fast-growing, beautiful deciduous tree with thin, willowy leaves. The trumpet-shaped flowers range from lavender to rose to white and are abundant during the warm months. It is not susceptible to pests or disease, with the exception of root rot. It grows well in many types of soil and doesn't need a lot of water. Roots are deep. The desert willow can be grown in large containers. It also tolerates reflective heat.

Bloom period: Summer, flowers are purple, lavender, white, pink, fuchsia and bicolors.

Planting and growing information: Grows easily from seed, plant in well-draining soil in full sun.

Seeds come with planting instructions. This seed germinates very quickly!


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