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For years we have been growing and producing high-quality drought-tolerant desert seeds for customers all over the world. All seeds are grown on our Southwestern ranch. They are free of chemical treatments and forced genetic alterations. While we have had dozens of wholesalers approach us we proudly sell only seeds grown by us. When you purchase a pack of seeds at Sherizona you can take comfort in knowing they are straight from the source and not resold from a far away place. All seed packs are hand-labelled with the date they were harvested and all orders include detailed germination instructions.

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Sherizona features high-quality desert landscape seeds.

If you are in search of arid adjusted seeds for your backyard garden or desert landscape you’ve come to the right place. Sherizona’s seeds are hand harvested and grown chemically-free in the Sonoran Desert.

From the mighty, protected Saguaro to the delicate, glorious red blooms of the Bird of Paradise we have something to suit everyone’s taste.

All products are guaranteed and every pack of seeds comes with complete, detailed sowing instructions. Orders are typically shipped out the following business day, ensuring your seeds will arrive quickly.

Chemical-free desert seeds and plants

There are few things more rewarding than watching a garden you designed come into maturity. The first time your golden barrels bloom, watching the summer sun brew up newly emerging cactus pads and seeing the hummingbirds enjoy your hard work can all be a possibility!  Orders from Sherizona are shipped within 24 hours and all seeds come with complete germination instructions. In addition you can browse our two sister websites: Desert Plant Guide -  for helpful tips, tools and photographs about all things related to your desert landscape and Survival Seed Bank – for ordering non hybrid, non gmo survival vegetable seeds.

Our inventory is constantly changing so if there is something specific you are searching for, contact us.

As always, happy planting!

Shop for all your Southwest garden needs. We sell cactus seeds, succulents and other desert plant seeds.
All plants and seeds are carefully packed and shipped with detailed planting instructions and guaranteed.

  • Money back guarantee.
  • All seeds are from the latest harvest.
  • Most Orders ship within one business day.
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